If You Are The Kind Of Person Who Wants To Break Free From Limited Thinking And Finally Get As Many Friends As You Want... This Book Will Set You Free

Dear Friend:

We feel your pain. You have read many books on how to become assertive, improve your social and communication skills . You have searched bookstores and internet for hours trying to find something that will answer your question that has haunted you for years: "Why I cannot make friends with people I like even if you 'bend over backwards'?".  You have done everything that is in your power... but without the desired success.


...You are a spectator at your own memorial service. Everyone you have ever known is there. You see them now as an outsider looking in…as you look upon each face, you see a memory…a moment you shared…a conversation, a laugh, a tear, maybe a disagreement or even a fight…some of the memories fill you with happiness and joy…some with longing and regret. These memories are the very fabric of your life.

Dynamic Friendship

Now Listen...
What are people saying? What kinds of memories are haunting the minds of those whom you have known and loved? What are they feeling as they look upon your face in the eyes of their memory? What kind of a legacy have you left behind?

Now what if you could go back from that moment to where you are right now?

What if you had a chance to change the picture which you just saw…to change it forever?

Guess what...

You Can.

Do you know when most of us truly begin to live our lives?

When we know that the end is coming.

You see, no one on their death bed ever talks about how much money they made or how much time they spent at work. No one ever talks about how good their golf game was or what kind of car they drove or what kind of house they lived in.  Yet for most of us, these are the things which occupy our thoughts and our time.

Now this may not be something which you think about every day…You may not even remember the last time when you thought about it.

But do you know what?

Little by little you are beginning to realize that this is all that matters:

The essence of your life lies within the moments you share with the people you love.

My friend, my name is Alex Vaselevski.Alex Vaselevski

I am writing this story to you for a reason. And it is the same reason why I believe that you are reading this right now. You see, I spent a great deal of my life building business relationships with people while the relationships in my personal life suffered greatly. Like you, I have now come to realize the true value of great friendship and have learned the secret of how to build dynamic friendships which will last a lifetime. This is now my commitment to you:

...that you will be empowered to do the same for yourself and for the people you love.

Isn't this what you truly desire?

Now imagine this:

It is your birthday celebration ten years from now. Who is there with you?  What kinds of conversations are you having as you share this joyful time with your friends? How many people are there whom you have had fights with, but you have managed to forgive and move on and even deepen the friendship?

What about the members of your family? How have you been able to enrich these people’s lives and your own with the memories you have shared?

How would it make you feel if every one of them could tell you a story of how knowing you has changed them for the better?

My friend,

What you are imagining right now will be determined by the decisions you make over the next ten years.

Falling Star

Starting with this one:

Someday, you will be gone...

...What kind of a legacy are you going to leave behind?

I’ll tell you this much, it is going to have everything to do with the way that you handle your relationships.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you want to be…Questions

My friend, if you have answered yes to any of these questions then listen carefully to what I am about to tell you:

Most of us don’t truly understand the dynamics of great friendship.

"We live in a day and age where there is so much emphasis on sex and romance and on building a life which is financially stable and having a great career. We have lost the value of great friendship."

Did you know that marriages and romances built upon a solid friendship have a ninety percent better chance of surviving and being happy?

Did you know that medical science is proving that having great friendships increases your chances of living a longer and healthier life by at least ten years?

Did you know that statistically speaking you will only grow as financially stable or prosperous as your ten closest friends?

Did you know that you will only be as happy or as successful as your ten closest friends?

As you are thinking about these things you begin to realize that your relationships are the most valuable and profound source of influence in your life.

Are you beginning to see the value of learning How to Make Friends Worth Keeping?

And as you probably already know, the hardest thing in life to find is a good friend.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

After many years of trial and error and interviewing thousands of people, I am finally able to share with you what it takes to find friends worth keeping.

I have spoken to married couples who have been together for half a century, siblings who have managed to maintain healthy relationships all through their lives, friends who have been together since high school and far into their old age. I have spoken to married couples who were on the edge of divorce, people who were suffering from depression and isolation and even addictions to ease the pain of their broken relationships.

I can tell you this much:

Whether your life has been a long string of broken relationships or if you are just looking to deepen the ones you have now, the answers are clear and simple...

How to Make Freinds Worth Keeping

Here is what you will gain from “How to Make Friends Worth Keeping:"


Could all of these things really happen for you?

Well, I had a feeling that you might ask that, so I have included a few reviews. Here is what some people are saying about “How to Make Friends Worth Keeping.”

How to Make Friends Worth Keeping contains valuable advice about not only making friends, but also gaining a deeper understanding of yourself as a person.

As a writer, I come across people from all different walks of life and I found this guide taught me some great ways to engage people who I had previously found troublesome.

Alex talks about the biggest mistakes people make when meeting people which don't make friends - and it's a mistake that everyone makes! This one tip alone is worth double the price of the book.

How to make Friends Worth Keeping is filled with high quality, down to earth methods for meeting people and interacting in our daily lives. Its amazing the impact these simple techniques have - even a shy person will soon feel comfortable in unfamiliar social settings.

Whether you purchase this book to learn how to make new friends, or whether you'd just like to improve your daily interactions with others - you won't be disappointed.

-Suzy Black



We can ever have enough friends and Alex spells out exactly how to make friends and better still friends worth keeping.

There is no doubt that people can vastly enrich our lives and good friends can be there for us when we need them most.

With this book, any one can build an never-ending group of real long-lasting friendships.

Great job Alex! I'm off to read it again and put it in to action today.

-Ron Killian


A truly insightful read. This book is thoroughly inspiring and perfect for those who find it difficult to build lasting relationships and friendships. Not only does it make you realise the importance of having good friends in life, but it also teaches you the reader the true values needed to make and maintain meaningful relationships with others.

You'll learn so much about yourself and how to open up, as well as gaining a insight into the the people around you and what they want from you. I realised I could be a better friend, just by making a few simple changes in my everyday life.

It's full of great ideas, tips and exercises that'll help you improve your conversation skills, approach new people, make lots of new friends and keeping them.

-Kat Fuschillo



I have read your e-book, How to Make Friends Worth Keeping. The things you preached in there do make sense. In fact I'm incorporating a lot of your suggestions in my personal daily routine. 

It does entail a lot of work though, at least for me. Had I been a businessman, those steps would have been second nature to me. 

Reading the book made me realize the real value of friendship and good relationships. The part where you quoted deathbed research data was a wake up call.

-Noel Moralde





And the best thing about 'How To Make Friends Worth Keeping?'

Well, you will actually be able to use what you learn. Every chapter is loaded with specific and practical actions steps to help you to take action and get instant results. This is a tool which you can use to become the person who you have always known you could be.

Now, I know that at this point you are probably wondering about the price. Let me be up front with you:

I am committing the rest of my life to helping people like you to succeed at finding friends worth keeping. I am going to give you everything that you need to be successful in initiating, building, deepening and healing relationships.


No matter what happens you will never have to be on your own again. In return, all I ask is the privilege to continue giving my time to serving people just like you.

So Here Is My Promise...

Many great books have been written on this subject. Believe me, I have spent a lifetime reading them. But nothing can compare to the advice and the input of the people whom I have met and interviewed.

How long would it take you to do this on your own?

Instead of having to experiment and guess with the relationships in your life, I will give you a direct path to building dynamic relationships which will empower and inspire you forever. If after reading my book, you feel that I have not kept my promise, I will give my book to you.

That’s right. You can keep my book and you have thirty days to change your mind about supporting my commitment to help people like you. All you have to do is ask for a refund and tell me how I can improve to help people like you in the future. All I ask is a chance to help you to change your life for the better.

Is that reasonable?

If so, then I am going to make this easy for you...

After speaking to many people about what to sell the book for I have had many people tell me that the contents are priceless. However, in comparison to other tools available today I have been told that the price should be about 97 dollars.

But do you know what? I personally believe that if I am able to help enough people like you that somehow I will still be able to commit the rest of my life to doing so. Therefore, I am going to test the good nature of my readers and offer this priceless book to you for only 47 dollars today.

Think about it, you are going to spend that on coffee or soda in the next two or three days. This is something which is going to change your whole life for the rest of your life.

What could possibly be more valuable than the legacy you leave behind?


Not only that, I am going to do is reward you for taking action right now.

First, I am going to package these additional books:

Holistic Treatement

Got stress in your life? This book holds the key to eliminating worry and anxiety so that you can enjoy your life and be at peace. Best yet, the approach is completely natural and anyone can learn it fast. This book is a 47 dollar value.

The Spiral of Influence

"The Spiral of Influence" is a dynamic guide to overcoming personal barriers and building great relationships. The author Seth Czerepak was so impressed with "How to Make Friends Worth Keeping" that he wanted you to have his book as well. This book is sold online for 47 dollars

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YES Alex!

  • I understand that once I grab this opportunity my life may never be the same

  • I'm ready to get started with this and start making friends now

  • I fully understand that for the crazy low price of $27 I'm getting everything I need to gain an abundance of friends

Alex, I understand that I need to act on this right now to get it for this low price 

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I'm aware that this package gives me everything I need to make friends and improve my life for good


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PS: "Remember, there is nothing more important than the relationships in your life. Don’t wait until it is too late to find this out.  Again at the end of our lives it is never about how much money we had or our job or our cars which matter. It is the people whom we laughed with, cried with, and even fought with, and the wonderful times which we have shared with them. Don’t let this moment be another one of your regrets. Go ahead and take your coupon right now. I look forward to getting to know you."

-Your friend, Alex Vasilevski

Alex Vaselevski






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